By now, you probably know that Vitamin C is an essential supplement that boosts your immune system.

But, did you know that Vitamin C or “ascorbic acid” cannot be produced within the body? It must be consumed via food or supplement in order to prevent severe nutrient deficiencies.

In addition to strengthening our immune systems, Vitamin C has many benefits, including: wound healing, aiding in the absorption of iron in the body, and protecting against pollution and free radicals.

Vitamin C supplementation is not a cure for the common cold, the flu or COVID-19, but it does protect our body’s cells against reactive oxygen species that are generated by immune cells to kill pathogens (or disease-causing agents, like viruses or bacteria.) A deficiency in Vitamin C can increase one’s susceptibility to viral infections, as well as increase the severity and duration of the viral illness. This is why Vitamin C supplementation is especially important right now.

So why isn’t oral Vitamin C supplementation enough?

The answer to this question is the absorption factor. When we take a supplement orally, it travels through our digestive system, where we lose a lot of that nutrient. At best, only a portion (~20%) of the nutrients we eat (or take) can be delivered to the cells where our metabolism operates. With intravenous vitamin therapy, nutrients are delivered directly into the blood and the cells. This means 100% absorption with IV vitamin therapy.

If you are interested in coming in to receive an IV infusion, please call us to schedule your next appointment. In light of COVID-19 and recommendations from the WHO and CDC, we have implemented new screening measures to ensure the safety of our customers, staff, and community, and want to make sure you are still a candidate to come into our spa at this time.


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