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Pure Athlete IV Infusion


Maximize performance, recover faster, and increase mental clarity. This elite infusion decreases muscle soreness and breakdown while replenishing the essential electrolytes you need to take on your next physical challenge.

Pure Party IV Infusion


The best cure to over-indulgence. This infusion alleviates hangover symptoms like headache, fatigue, nausea, and vomiting. Don’t let a hangover slow you down.

Migraine Relief IV Infusion


The onset of a migraine can stop you in your tracks. Designed to alleviate migraine headaches, this soothing infusion will help you get back to being you.

Fountain of Youth IV Infusion


Help turn back the clock and address wrinkles, blemishes, acne, dry skin, and other signs of aging with this infusion. Say hello to brighter skin, stronger nails, and healthier hair.

Immunity Plus IV Infusion


It’s no surprise your body needs increased fluids and vitamins when you are feeling under the weather. Help alleviate the symptoms and shorten the duration of the common cold or flu with this infusion.

Energy & Metabolism Booster IV Infusion


Boost your metabolism, enhance natural energy, and lose weight faster. This infusion is designed to jumpstart your metabolism while replenishing your body with essential nutrients.

The Pure IV Infusion


Welcome to a new you! Our most beneficial, deluxe, and comprehensive infusion; our enhanced Myers' cocktail. From every essential vitamin to our most powerful antioxidant, this one has it all!

Ageless Beauty IV Infusion


Amped up version of the Fountain of Youth that also provides a blend of amino acids for more anti-aging benefits. Benefits include collagen production, reduces sagging and wrinkling that accompany UV exposure and normal aging process and more. 

Ultimate Health IV Infusion


An IV infusion vitamin blend designed to provide optimal health and wellness benefits. 

The Gladiator IV Infusion


Enhanced version of the Pure Athlete that not only promotes energy production, but also includes more amino acids that help with muscle growth and recovery, decreasing muscle soreness, healthy cartilage and weight loss. 


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