IV Infusions & Injection Therapies

IV Infusions & Injection Therapies: a Drip or a Shot

What are IV Infusions and Injections Therapies?

IV Infusions and Injection Therapies are different methods of administering medication into the body.


IV Infusions:

  • Involve the slow introduction of medication directly into a patient’s bloodstream through a vein.
  • Takes longer than injections, but allows for a larger volume of medication to be delivered.
  • Generally used for hydration, medication delivery, and for patients who cannot take medications orally.

Injection Therapies:

  • Involve the direct introduction of medication into the muscle.
  • Quicker than IV infusions and can be used for short-term, quick-acting treatments.

IV Infusion and Injection Therapy Benefits


IV Infusion Benefits


Rapid rehydration


Directly replenishes fluids and electrolytes


Can be customized to meet individual needs


Injection Therapy Benefits


Quick delivery of medication into the bloodstream


Can bypass digestive system, increasing efficacy


Can treat conditions that cannot be effectively managed with oral medications

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