Many of you have asked and we’ve listened! Starting this week at both locations, we now offer:

More Amino Acids
Arginine: Helps metabolize stored fat and tone up muscle tissue
Carnitine: Plays a critical role in the production of energy and weight loss
Glutamine: Promotes muscle growth and improves muscle recovery
Glycine: Improves sleep and aids in collagen production
Lysine: Helps with calcium absorption, reduces anxiety and aids in collagen production
Proline: Promotes skin health, regenerates cartilage and forms connective tissue

New Antioxidant
CoQ10: Increases energy and athletic performance. Helps with cardiovascular health

More Vitamins
Biotin: Boosts the health of hair and nails
Magnesium: Enhances the function of muscular and nervous systems and reduces anxiety
Multitrace (Zinc + Copper + Manganese + Chromium + Selenium): Promotes electrolyte balance, immune function, healing and energy levels
NAD: B vitamin derivative co-enzyme found in the mitochondria. NAD+ promotes cellular regeneration and is a part of the conversion of cellular energy. Has been proven in research to repair DNA, fight inflammation and help to prevent memory loss
Vitamin D: Promotes healthy bones and boosts immune system

Try something new! We’ve added three new Premium IV Infusions to our menu:

Ageless Beauty
B5, B-Complex, Vitamin C, Glutathione, Biotin, Lysine, Proline
Amped up version of the Fountain of Youth – also provides Biotin, Lysine and Proline. Biotin boosts the health of hair and nails. Lysine and Proline are both essential to production of collagen and Proline helps reduce sagging and wrinkling that accompany UV exposure and normal aging of the skin.

Ultimate Health
B12, B-Complex, High Dose Vitamin C, Glutathione, Zinc, Vitamin D
This is a really well-rounded IV option for those looking for optimal health and wellness: Super energy boost, mega immune support, detoxifies and reduces inflammation.

The Gladiator
B12, B-Complex, L-Taurine, Arginine, Carnitine, Glutamine, Proline
Enhanced version of the Pure Athlete that not only promotes energy production but includes a variety of amino acids that help with muscle growth and recovery, decreasing muscle soreness, healthy cartilage and even weight loss.

The Pure Infusion now includes Magnesium!
Magnesium enhances the function of the muscular and nervous systems and can reduce anxiety.

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