Injection Therapies

Premium Shot Blends

Pure Energizer


B12 B-Complex L-Taurine
Supercharge your body’s natural energy levels

Pure Detox


High Dose Glutathione Vitamin C

Full of antioxidants to remove toxins

Lean Machine


B5 B12 Lipo-C

Promotes body fat reduction and boosts metabolism

Pure MVP


B12 L-Taurine

Improves endurance and aids in muscle recovery

Beauty Booster


Biotin B-Complex Glutathione

Get healthier hair, skin and nails

Booster Shots

Amino Acids

Arginine $25

Helps metabolize stored fat and tone up muscle tissue 

Carnitine $25

Builds muscle, decreases muscle fatigue and alleviates muscle soreness

Glutamine $25

Promotes muscle growth and improves muscle recovery

Glycine $25

Improves sleep and aids in collagen production

Lysine $25

Helps with calcium absorption, reduces anxiety and aids in collagen production

L-Taurine $25

Boosts energy levels and mental focus


Glutathione $30

Fights free radicals, detoxifier, has anti-aging properties and improves skin health

CoQ10 $30

Increases energy and athletic performance. Helps with cardiovascular health

Lipo-C $25

Promotes body fat reduction and boosts metabolism


B5 $25

Enhances hair, skin and eye health

B6 $25

Improves cognitive function and mood

B12 $25

Enhances hair, skin and eye health

B-Complex $25

Enhances immune and nervous system

Biotin $25

Boosts the health of hair and nails

Vitamin C $25

Aids in preventing viral and bacterial infections

Vitamin D $25

Promotes healthy bones and boosts immune system


Zofran $25


Toradol $25

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug

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