We are excited to announce the opening of Jacksonville’s first IV hydration spa, Pure Hydration, this summer in Jacksonville Beach. Our customized IV infusions and boosters deliver fluids, vitamins, medications, and other supplements to complement an active, healthy lifestyle. Whether your goal is to maximize athletic performance, lose weight, or gain energy to power through your busy day, we offer solutions that deliver swift results – all while escaping into a relaxing, spa-like environment.


What to Expect at Pure Hydration


Comfort & Convenience

Our spa is designed with your comfort in mind – during your treatment, we want you to feel relaxed and stress-free. With that in mind, we’ve implemented a variety of flexible space plans to meet your wants and needs. Our soothing, private rooms are ideal for a tranquil escape, while our open, more spacious areas are perfect for hanging out with friends.

Enhanced Wellness

We’ve carefully created our infusions to treat a variety of performance, recovery, and wellness goals, and we’re confident you will feel the immediate and lasting effects of IV hydration. So, why can’t you just drink water to stay hydrated? The digestive process removes nearly half the nutrients consumed orally, whereas IV hydration delivers fluids and nutrients directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system for maximum absorption. When your body is hydrated with a healthy balance of essential nutrients, every system in your body can work the way it’s supposed to. That’s enhanced wellness to us!

We will announce our official opening date soon, so be sure to check back here and follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates about the opening and online booking!

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